Monday, 28 July 2008

28/07/08 - Steve Brighton - Video

Good showing here from both guys, i think our own Steve Wright played a smart game but towards the end i think his head let him down.

Oh well, not bad! Anyone who's got the guts to step out there is a hero anyway.



Anonymous said...

Hello Luke,

Love your blog. I've been training in bjj for a while now and I'm thinking of getting a grappling dummy and wanted to get your thoughts.

What do you think of them? Have you used them? Do you think they are worth it? Thanks!

Luke Wykes said...

Hey Mr/Ms Anonymous,

I think that all depends on what you'd use it for.

You'll never learn a high level of technical jiujitsu on this alone because of the obvious element that it doesnt fight back.

However, they are great for drilling important movements such as armbars, switching knee on belly to each side, "killing the arm" drill, etc.

If you get a poseable one that you can "pass the guard" of aswell, you could benefit from some guard opening and passing drills.

I think the biggest pro is that it's available for you to drill on 24/7, whereas the biggest con is that they are slightly expensive. If you have the money and you're that serious about drilling, i'd say go for it.


Luke Wykes said...

Oh and i haven't used them too often; have used them for drilling a few times, they seem cool. I'd buy one myself but i have very limited space in my parents place..

and shop around, make sure you're getting a good deal. :).