Thursday, 31 July 2008

31/07/08 - NoGi Session

So the NoGi tonight was pretty tough. Most of the lads were pretty tired from the Muay Thai which i didn't do tonight, mainly because i had to get some things ready for my social occasion tomorrow. I think in this regard it's important to get a balance between training and social life right; it's all good to be great in training, but if nobody outside of training knows you, what's your headstone gonna look like?

"Here lies Luke Wykes. He had a great stack and liked twister side control".

That's not for me.

Anyway, back to the point.

Tonight's session started with Lee showing us how to attack the turtle with a basic elbow-in-shoulder turnover, nothing new there really.

But then he showed us a technique he called the "catweazle"; a transition from this into the twister, where we simply put the knee in the hip, your free foot locking his near foot, and keeping control of the hand. Possibly the worst description ever but if you want more info, get to class!

The twister is something we've been working on for a while, and it's a totally radical move. It's revolutionary in that since it was re-popularized by Eddie Bravo, it's opened up a whole new system and the Truck position has now become infamous and synonymous with a good reverse kesa-gatame game.

The class then went standing, where we worked on some techniques of our choice. Myself and Steve used a little resistance on each other so we knew what we could get away with, and i was impressed with the results. I felt much better on my feet than i had in months today, and i'm not entirely sure why. I quite like rolling for Kneebars, i sincerely wish that sometime, we can learn some kneebars in class.

The class took a turn back to the ground with some specific training, where myself and Dan trained a little. My focus tonight was on the Z-Guard and playing off the bottom, something i achieved with moderate success.

Within Sparring i noticed my cardio wasn't top notch but i was catching some nice things, some Kimuras from Z-guard, etc.

No update tomorrow as i'm not training!


Rob T said...

I find it interesting that you deleted my earlier comment. I was merely trying to offer you advice which I thought would help you with your BJJ.

Luke Wykes said...

you doubleposted, and when i deleted one for some bizarre reason it deleted both.
i actually happento agree with what you said on a variety of levels.

However, i'm not too worried; i think my guard passing is good enough to allow me to work on the side control that i feel allows me the most control given my top-heavy frame.

Same with the z-guard; i find it suits me a little more for making the distance.

thanks and sorry for the misunderstanding.

Rob T said...

Ahh right, didn't realise I'd double posted, sorry about that!

I do think you should try everything out but don't try to build a game built around certain things yet. Even if you think it's best for you at this point. The stuff I use know is totally different to what I did when I was a whitebelt.

Obviously it's good to have as much knowledge as possible but I think it's better to stick to basics at first as the platform you will then have to build off will be much stronger!

Keep rolling :-)


Kimmi said...

I watched your fight congratualtion... i cringed at some points thought the dude in white was punching your bolloxs. I can see why you were a bit weary, he is rather intimidating. You have come so far... Im so porud of you.. you should be prund too... keep up the hard work, im sure you will...

love you Kimmi