Thursday, 7 August 2008

07/08/08 - Nogi Class

Tonight was an exceedingly good night, other than me getting bullied at the end!

The jam-packed session started tonight with around 18 people training which is very good for our club.

Lee started things by introducing, particularly for the newcomers, the concept of holding somebody down when in top guard; following their hip movements, and keeping pressure on their hips or chest to stop them rising up.

After drilling this, we took things to the bottom.

Tonight's technique of focus changed, no longer is the focus on the twister but it is now on a simple arm-crush setup from the closed guard. A little like a good setup for an omoplata, it starts from head and underhook control in closed guard, then passing around their head with your arms; this giving you the leverage to bring your legs into play since his head, thus his bodyweight, is out of the way.

It's a good technique, with a solid foundation and i caught it once or twice in sparring.

Lee then showed a way to take this technique to the next level; if the guy defended this by blocking your hips, Lee showed a way to catch the belly-down armbar and also the Gogoplata, which is the technique i focused more on.

Discussing this with Steve "Dodgy Toe" Wright outside, we both agreed that the Gogoplata feels sort of natural; almost like the neck was MEANT to fit at that particular crook of the foot.

After these techniques it was time for the pass guard drill, an old favourite of mine. I was paired with Tom, one of the best (if not THE best) Blue belts at the club, and a new guy who's name i didn't catch, sorry dude.

I noticed my passing game looked pretty decent tonight, but i still need to work on defending the guard. To remedy this, i'll pull guard more often in training and watch the Demian Maia instructional on it, which i've heard wonders about.

Now to my personal gripe with this session. After the main class had finished, during "open training", Lee showed one of the new guys how to break a guy's grip when going for an armbar from the top; at this stage, both the new guy and Lee had got an arm. Then, whilst defenceless, both of my legs were grabbed by unruly members of the class who proceeded to encourage a fifth party to tickle me. Shocking behaviour, no doubt brought about by the ringleader, Steve Wright. Shame on you.

All in all, great session tonight, some good techniques, some good sparring, what more could you ask for?

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