Saturday, 30 August 2008

30/08/08 - SEMINAR: Nick Brooks

Okay, let me just start off by saying that this seminar blew me away.

Nick is one of the best teacher's i've ever had the pleasure to learn from, either on the mat or via instructional. Although a brown belt this guy has got a phenomenal amount to offer, and is one of the UK's most successful BJJ competitors.

Starting at 3pm, the session started with some light warming up and straight into some fresh techniques from Nick; starting with the reverse De La Riva guard.

The Reverse DLR is something that, to my knowledge, we haven't done much on; so it was really refreshing to learn something that i'd never even seen.

Starting in this main position, we learned numerous sweeps, with Nick's main focus on showing us moves for almost every situation; depending on his posture, movement, etc. There were a good 6 or 7 sweeps; many similar but with subtle nuances that could seriously change the way i look at the open guard.

Then Nick turned his attention to the "regular" opn guard, where we learned a few new entries into the omoplata, after opening and placing your foot on the bicep (but not in a spider-guard fashion; more on this if i get pictures), giving way to a number of triangles as well as sweeps.

Sparring was intense, and i rolled with 2 or 3 people if memory serves me correctly; Nick being one of them. Even though we were all pretty tired at this stage (we'd already over-run the 2 hours the seminar was expected to last for), the sparring was top quality.

Nick put me on my back early on and from there i stood little chance; realistically speaking, there was little i could do, but hold on and at least attempt to do my best impression of surviving. The guy's a monster.

Overall, an enjoyable day; topped off with some brilliant sparring, that's left me pretty damn tired, it must be said.

Pictures will be up when i get them.

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