Monday, 10 November 2008

10/11/08 - Braulio Estima Seminar

Hey guys, and welcome once again to my blog!

On the 10th of November, we as a club were lucky enough to have current Pan Am NoGi champion (double gold, might i add) Braulio Estima teach a seminar at the club once again, which as always was an interesting experience, but due to a "technical error", Braulio left his black belt at home, which is always pretty handy..

The night started with some warmups, and the customary forward and backward rolls that always get me pretty tired whenever it's a seminar.

Braulio's focus was on the Butterfly guard, with the techniques he was showing obviously taking some inspiration from his recent no-gi direction, with most of the techniques applicable both with and without the traditional kimono.

Braulio's teaching style is best described as progressive; in my experience, he introduces a concept and then expands on it, giving the student more options after the original technique has either failed or succeeded.

Starting with a basic elevating sweep, Braulio then showed us a progressive series of moves including an armbar, defenses to the original sweep, as well as a beautiful way of catching a rolling armbar from the butterfly guard, perhaps even taking the back if you can't get the right momentum.

After the barrage of awesome techniques, specific training started, and this started with some butterfly sparring, with one starting in the butterfly position and one not.

This was also my first time physically "rolling" with a black belt, and Braulio did not disappoint, flattening me with the same armbar he'd showed about 5 minutes previously. I suppose you've gotta prove it works!

Overall though, my personal performance was good throughout the night, my cardio gradually returning to what it was a few months ago.

The real story of the night though was in the gradings.

Graded tonight were 7 members of the club.

Blue Belt:
Jez Lord
Matt Figg
Steve Wright
Mark Dos Santos

Purple belt:
Tom Wilson
Sam Gaunt
Jason Fallows

To conclude, thanks a lot to Braulio for perhaps the best seminar i've been to, and thanks a lot to everyone who showed up and supported both Braulio and Team Ryu.

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