Monday, 17 November 2008

17/10/08 - BJJ Class

And the soundtrack for tonight's update is Muse - Supermassive Black Hole.

So the start of the regular updates is here again, and what an apt time to start updating.

Tonight was a fairly interesting class; started a little late, but the class was one of the best that there has been in a while.

Following on from what Braulio Estima showed us last monday, Lee's focus tonight was on teaching the Butterfly guard, and in particular a potentially gorgeous Gi collar choke, rolling the opponent over during the technique and applying the choke by bridging up and into him. My descriptions haven't got any clearer, have they?

Lee then went on to show the same choke, but from a standing position, where he would grab the collar grip and then roll, when the opponent is in a butt-scott style position.
Steve Boughey and I also found a wonderful way of faking a pass to grab the collar in the first place, so i've got a funny feeling this technique could be winging it's way into the competition gameplan.

For the guys without a gi, Lee showed a little variation of the technique that looks like the lovechild of the brabo and rear naked chokes. I didn't catch this quite as well, although i feel if i found myself with the grip i'd go for it.

After exploring this technique, Lee switched the focus to a little specific training, with each partner starting from top of butterfly, bottom of butterfly, top of buttscoot and bottom of buttscoot.

My bottom game lately has increased from 0 to approximatley 10mph, i'm not exactly overtaking Marcelo Garcia at this stage, but i'm actually catching sweeps and just the entire flow of movement a lot better lately.

After the class ended, a couple of questions were asked about the techniques showed (more questions lately, that's a good thing!) and then Lee said there was something else to cover, which he'd hinted at towards the start of the class.

Luke Monaghan, Tim Lodge received 2 stripes to the white belt, and i received another one, putting us all a little bit closer to that goal that was achieved by a few members of the class just one week previously.

Thanks for that Lee and of course Braulio, and a big congrats to Tim and Luke, and in my opinion the stripes are more than well deserved, particularly given the amount of dedication and effort both of these guys put in.

Once again,

Thanks, and keep rolling!


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