Friday, 21 November 2008

21/11/08 - BJJ Class

I always look forward to the Friday class because of it's fragrant mix of the weekend, sparring, a smaller class and a chance to get some decent BJJ in before we spend a decadent post-millenium weekend. It also gave me an amazing excuse to get the new gi it's first taste of action, a full review can be found elsewhere on the blog.

Tonight's session was pretty amazing from my point of view; the sparring was good, and although the room was as cold as the McCartney/Mills divorce saga, it's safe to say that i took something away from this class that was certainly missing from a few of my previous sessions.

I rolled with three people tonight; Adam, Mark and Simon. Adam in himself poses a unique challenge because of his strength, with Mark being perhaps one of the most technical fighters at the club, and Simon being the true beast that he is.

I was impressed with my performance, as i managed to swing from move to move with a little bit more fluency tonight, although by the end of the session i was noticing my cardio was beginning to let my mind down a little bit.

I think we've all been at the stage where by the time we've thought of a solution to the problem, the guy's already moved on and poses a new and exciting threat. That's what keeps BJJ fresh.

Anyway, my rolling was okay; i'm continuing to work on my bottom game, with my closed, open and rubber guard now seeming to be a treat in my mind, rather than the chore they were 6-8 months ago.

No techniques were shown (as is the norm on Friday) which gave me a chance to try and work some of the butterfly guard stuff we've been doing, and some techniques that I've picked up from instructional and the endless goldmine of BJJ knowledge that is youtube.

The butterfly guard is an interesting position, because quite simply, it works. It's a position that i never thought would be as effective as a regular closed guard or more exotic open guard variants like the De la Riva, but the guard WORKS. And that's what's important in BJJ, not the flashyness of the move, but the effectiveness of it.

Particularly since Braulio's seminar, there's been a bit of a butterfly renaissance at the classes i've attended, and in my opinion, this can only be an amazingly good thing.

I hope that the butterfly guard is the focus of the coming week's sessions, as i have a sneaking suspicion it will be.

All good, and i'm seriously looking forward to monday. Be there or be square.

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nice to have you back lol