Thursday, 26 March 2009

26/03/09 - BJJ Class (Lee)

The BJJ Class this Thursday covered a few areas.

Lately, the focus of the class has been on the closed guard, and in particular breaking the opponents posture.

Tonight this theme continued with Lee giving the class some time to look at each technique in detail: In all, i believe there were 7 techniques shown. These included:

: Breaking the opponent down using your hips when he stands
: When this fails, using your hips in one of his knees to make a sweep
: When this fails, using feet-in-hips to initiate a sweep
: When this fails, switching to DLR guard to initiate a sweep.
: An Omoplata sweep which utilises the leg aswell
: When this fails, a simple star sweep to knock the opponent off balance and go for a single or sweep.

I'm sure there is one more that i'm missing, but either way, those are the main techniques that were covered tonight.

Just looking at the list you can see exactly why Lee's style of teaching is described as progressive: each movement has a logical life, including a setup, a middle, and a variety of conclusions depending on the opponent's reaction and basic body type. It's always going to be easier to catch an omoplata on a super heavyweight than toss him over your head with the foot-in-hips sweep, particularly if you're the smaller guy.

By giving the choices here, this really allows for everyone in the class to develop a series of attacks from the opponent standing up that suits them, rather than follows one particular line of thought.

Following this, some light specific training followed, again being initiated from the closed guard. Each person had around a minute to work something from the bottom and top of closed guard, in a 50% environment.

This was a great opportunity to test out the techniques, and on a personal level i find that the omoplata setup that Lee showed will be good for my gameplan in a variety of ways, thankfully.

These really are techniques that aren't to miss, so if you haven't been to class for whatever reason, they are probably worth going over, particularly if you are newer to the club.

More updates coming in the next week! Perhaps even with a few shiny videos.

Until then,

keep rolling!

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