Sunday, 19 July 2009

19/07/09 - BJJ Class

The growth of Team Ryu in recent times has seen the Sunday class become a main feature of the week's schedule, often drawing as many numbers as the more traditional evening classes. The teacher is Paul Cudmore, who as we discussed in the previous post, is a BJJ Purple belt under Braulio with a great deal of experience in multiple martial arts.

The Sunday class started with Paul going through some movement drills. These included bridges, standing up from a butterfly-like position and returning, and some hip-through drills (i'm sure there's a better name but at the moment it evades me).

We then used these drills in a more realistic situation, using them to escape side control and gain a better position. Paul pointed out that while these techniques aren't 100% guaranteed to land you in a better situation, they are guaranteed to move your opponent, possibly setting up something else later down the line.

Working with Simon was beneficial to me, he's a big guy with a lot of talent that tends to pick up on technique easily, and is good for pointing out your rights and wrongs.

I found that while bridging, i was gaining my power from the wrong leg: where i needed to gain power from my left leg, my body wanted to take advantage of my stronger right leg. Working on the other side, i managed to use the correct leg (now the right one), and picked up the technique a little easier on this side.

After this was a little light rolling, with Simon using the open guard and myself trying to pass. The one time i did, he immediatley used the drill we'd been working in in class and returned to his original guard position: this is exactly how rolling should be!

Very good class, and the 10:30am start really sets you up for the rest of the day.

Until next time,

Keep rolling.


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

14/07/09 - BJJ Class

So after last night, i picked myself up in fairly good time to get ready or the class Tuesday daytime, the newest addition to team ryu's timetable. With pretty horrible weather, coupled with the fact it was a new class,hopes for turnout weren't too high, but in the end i had a pretty good conception discussing and looking at principles with Paul, one of the club's top BJJ guys. The focus of the session was on the closed guard.

Rather than looking at any particular techniques, Paul pointed out a few principles i'd never really realized before.

Firstly, i learned that grips from the top of closed guard are not just there to hold, but to use to prevent his movement. Paul pointed out that whilst i had got collar control form the top of closed guard, i didn't use that to control his movement, allowing him to sit up into me.

Whilst not a huge technique by any stretch of the imagination, it does utilise a fairly basic method of control in order to stop your opponent from sitting up, and more easily switching into more offensive positions such as the butterfly guard.

I also got the impression that from the closed guard, whilst it is good to be proactive and look for attacks, sweeps and ways to off-balance your opponent, it's also important to keep note of what he is doing.

A personal example here: when rolling about a month ago, i was too busy attempting to gain mission control that i forgot to notice that he'd posted his hand on the mat, which could have led to a much easier and less cumbersome Kimura/Hip Heist sweep combination, rather than looking to initiate the rubber guard sequence.

Also, by more carefully watching your opponents movements while on top, you can feel exactly what options are working for him against you: this not only gives you an idea how you should be defending, but also gives you options to use when you're on the offensive.

To conclude, today's class was less about technique, and more about adopting a more technical, principle-based game than the one i've been playing.

Real eye opener, well worth attending!

Monday, 13 July 2009

13/07/09 - Back training!

Howdy everyone!

Today, i re-started my training after an exams/injury layoff, and had some real fun, although didn't accomplish what i'd set out to accomplish.

The evening started a bit early: i turned up at the gym, changed into my Gi at the start of the Muay Thai lesson, before Jez made me aware there were odd numbers, so i thought i may aswell take part. A word to the wise: you get hot fairly quickly training muay thai in a gi! The jacket came off fairly quickly, i can assure you.

The class covered mainly punching technique: starting with working on a jab-cross to warm up, defending the hooks, then moving into slightly more exotic techniques with the livershot-left hook combo, some uppercuts, knees, then some clinch work.
Clinch work i always find is pretty fun: there's an element of controlling the opponent that is almost always different with different body types and people's abilities.

The BJJ class started soon after the Muay Thai warmdown, with an emphasis on standup techniques.

Lee showed a throw from standing in a situation where you have an overhook, then almost giving that up to switch to wrist control, then an almost-sacrifice like throw which seemed more effective than first impressions seemed.

When this option failed, Lee then showed a setup from the failure of this technique: if the opponent simply postures up, this gives both the right angle, opportunity and momentum to catch a double leg takedown.

All in all, a good session, although my cardio was a bit of a disappointment: although, after a layoff, i'm pleased at my first night back.

Tomorrow is the debut of the Team Ryu Tuesday daytime class: hopefully see you all there!